7th April 2013

Telegraph talks to Roland Mouret about Parkinson's centenary exhibit

Take one of the great designers of our age, let him loose with his hero's photographs and what do you get? A thrilling exhibition. Roland Mouret talks Norman Parkinson with Kate Finnigan.

'I wasn't looking at the pictures to find a beautiful dress; I wanted to find the woman inside the clothes and her movement,' says the fashion designer Roland Mouret of his recent role as curator of a new Norman Parkinson exhibition opening in Bath next week.

Fittingly, then, the exhibition is entitled 'Mouvements de Femme' and Mouret has collated for it some of the great 20th-century British photographer's most iconic fashion images, alongside some works never seen before.

It is Mouret's first time as a curator but it's a sideline that makes sense because the French, London-based designer has made his name creating clothes that embrace and celebrate the female form (for celebrities, yes, but also for working women who need to dress for life not the red carpet), and because he worked as a stylist and photographic art director before coming to fashion.
The exhibition is part of the centenary celebrations for Parkinson, who died in 1990. One of the most renowned and innovative figures in British fashion photography, he created images for more than 55 years for publications in both Britain and America, including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Queen and Town & Country.

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