29th April 2013

Lee Miller Archive announces new website and picture library

The Lee Miller archive has just announced their brand new website and online picture library.

Here's their press release:

Following the exciting launch of our long-awaited online picture library over three thousand of Lee Miller’s photographs can now be seen together for the first time.

Many of the images, converted from the original negatives or vintage prints into digital format, have not previously been in circulation and are a fascinating addition to the published work.

All aspects of Lee’s remarkable career are represented, including her Surrealist images, World War II photo-journalism, 20th century fashion photography and celebrity portraiture!

The Lee Miller Archives are run by her family from her former home, Farley Farm House. Since the discovery after Lee’s death of over 60,000 negatives, it has been the family’s aim to make these images accessible to others, but it is only recently that technology has made this possible.

“This is the exciting moment when we are able to realise our long-term objective to share thousands of Lee’s images, many never seen before,” says Antony Penrose. “In time we intend to make all images available along with a selection of work by other photographers in her circle, such as her husband Roland Penrose and her father Theodore Miller.”

The new online picture library (powered by Aetopia) is expected to be an invaluable resource for publishers, picture editors, researchers and students worldwide, as well as a source of inspiration for anyone interested in photography.

Find out more about Lee Miller's War edited by Antony Penrose and created by Palazzo Editions

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