Glass House (paperback)

Glass House (paperback)

Nicky Adams in association with Arcaid Picture Library

Publication: Published
Illustrations: 200 full colour
Price: £14.99
Extent: 192pp
Format: 280 x 242mm
Binding: Paperback
Territory: British Commonwealth (Thames & Hudson)
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  • A dramatic survey of buildings from over the world that make use of glass bring light into the home
  • 200 stunning photographs show aspects of the building design
  • First paperback edition

A dramatic survey of 50 buildings from all over the world that make use of glass to bring light into the home.

Light is one of the most important features of any building - whether private or public, and natural light can transform any space. Increasingly, architects are designing buildings using expanses of glass to open up indoor spaces, to let in the light of the sun and the moon, and to provide an impressive backdrop to their architectural vision.

Glass House catalogues some of the most dramatic examples of the use of glass in architecture to bring the outdoors into a home or workspace. From impressive cascading glass roofs to glassframed verandas, buildings with entire glass facades to glass-bordered stairways, 200 stunning photographs show how these buildings have been opened up to the natural world. It discusses the materials and techniques used, and the architects who conceived and constructed them.

The intertwining strands of technical innovation, social evolution and aesthetic aspiration make Glass House a window into modern architectural thinking.