Children's Classics: <br /> The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Children's Classics:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain
Illustrations by Robert Ingpen

Publication: Published
Illustrations: 70 (colour and b&w)
Price: £14.99
Extent: 240pp
Format: 235 x 195mm
Binding: Hardback
Territory: World excluding UK (Templar), US (Sterling), Australia/NZ (Walker Books), China (Jieli), Denmark (Carlsen), Germany (Kneseback), Greece (Patakis), Poland (Buchmann), Russia (Atticus), Spain (Blume), Sweden (Forma), Taiwan (Ollin)
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  • Complete and unabridged text of this bestselling American classic
  • Published for the centenary of Mark Twain's death in April 1910
  • Over 70 original illustrations

"A paen to true boyhood" - The Guardian

'Saturday morning was come, and all the summer world was bright and fresh, and brimming with life.' So we enter a day of endless possibility in Mark Twain's classic tale, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He called it a 'hymn to boyhood' and this unforgettable story of a boy growing up in a small town on the Mississippi has become an all-time favourite, not just in America, but around the world.

An expert escape artist, Tom is determined to go his own way and his exploits - venturing into a nighttime graveyard with his friend Huck Finn, witnessing a murder, getting lost in a cave - make thrilling reading for children and adults alike. But as well as high drama, the book is also full of high comedy, such as the famous time Tom tricks his friends into whitewashing a fence. Behind the escapades, though, there are darker themes in Twain's story and young Tom is forced to learn some difficult lessons about the often cruel and hypocritical rules that govern adult society.

This new edition of Tom Sawyer brings together the complete and unabridged text with more than 70 stunning illustrations by artist Robert Ingpen, each one an enchanting evocation of a forgotten time in the American South.

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