Children's Classics: <br /> Around the World in Eighty Days

Children's Classics:
Around the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne
Illustrations by Robert Ingpen

Publication: Autumn 2011
Illustrations: Over 70 full colour and b&w
Price: £14.99
Extent: 224pp
Format: 235 x 195mm
Binding: Hardback
Territory: World excluding UK (Templar), North America (Trafalgar Square), Australia/NZ (Walker), China (Jieli), Denmark (Carlsen), Germany (Knesebeck), Lithuania (Nieko Rimto), Poland (Buchmann), Russia (Atticus), Spain (Blume), Sweden (Forma)
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  • The complete and unabridged text
  • Over 70 illustrations by the award-winning artist Robert Ingpen


Although we live in an age when round-the-world travel is possible in hours rather than weeks, Jules Verne’s tale of a race against the clock has never lost its power to thrill. Set in 1872, Mr Phileas Fogg, a gentleman of precision and predictability, and his manservant, the ever resourceful Passepartout, ride through India on an elephant, sail the South China Sea in the teeth of a typhoon and cross the snow-covered plains of the American Wild West. The acrobatic and inquisitive Passepartout can seldom keep out of trouble. While he is pursued by irate Indian priests, drugged in an opium den, and saving a runaway train, his master’s composure is never broken as the hours tick away on his precisely accurate pocket watch. But Phileas Fogg is above all a gentleman, and stopping to save the life of a beautiful young widow may have cost him his fortune. The ill-assorted but determined trio have to use all of their ingenuity and some remarkable vehicles to race back to London. Will they make it in time?

Around the World in Eighty Days is an evocation of an era – perfectly captured by Robert Ingpen’s rich and detailed illustrations – when all travel was an adventure. This story is a timeless classic in which time itself is the foe.

"A classy new edition of a story with enduring appeal. Made me want to go round the world again." - Michael Palin

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