An Outline of European Architecture

An Outline of European Architecture

Nikolaus Pevsner

Publication: Published
Images: 200 colour and 50 b&w
Price: £30.00
Extent: 256pp
Format: 280 x 217mm
Binding: Hardback
Territory: UK & British Commonwealth (Thames & Hudson), North America (Gibbs Smith), Poland (Arkady)
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  • A new edition of this classic study of the history of European architecture
  • Fully illustrated with new colour photographs
  • A new introduction and conclusion by architectural historian Michael Forsyth

One of the most widely read books on European architecture, Nikolaus Pevsner's landmark work was first published in 1942. Through several revisions and updates during Pevsner's lifetime, it continued to be a seminal essay on the subject, and even after his death, it remains as stimulating as it was back in the mid-twentieth century.

Pevsner believed that the history of architecture was primarily a history of man shaping space. But although spacial factors must remain at the forefront of the historian's mind when discussing architecture, he also acknowledged that 'the good architect requires the sculptor's and the painter's modes of vision'. From this perspective, Pevsner begins his investigation of the most beautiful, dramatic and outstanding buildings that represent the styles and cultures of Europe from the fourth century onwards. This new edition of a classic work is for the first time fully illustrated in colour, and will bring Pevsner's characteristic combination of warmth and scholarship to a new audience.


New York Times
"It is no exaggeration to say that both the history of art and the history of architecture perceived by the twentieth century have been filtered through Sir Nikolaus's lens."

John Tusa, The Guardian
"A definitive and personal overview of the buildings that make European cities the glories they are, written by one of the great critics of the century."